This is a list of all gift products. you can select from any of them.

How to get free product? It's easy in 3 steps:

1, Shoot a video and some nice pictures of using or playing with the product

2, Share it on YoutubeInstagramTiktok or Blog. 

3, Submit your socail review link to us. We will review it. If approved, we will arrange for the free gift to you.



1,  Do you have requirement on social followers?


2, Do you have requirement on post?

Yes! Need to add our website name 'POOTIUO" and website link or product link in the post. Quality, clear, fun video; clear, beautiful pictures with usage background.

Video: at least 60 seconds

Image: at least 3 images

3, How many posts do I need to post?

ONE only! You can shoot a video or some pics. If you can post more, that's good for us. You can post on  YoutubeInstagramTiktok or Blog. 

4, Do you provide free shipping to the gift?

Yes, free product and free shipping.

5, How long will you send the gift?

We will review your post first, and contact you if approved. Then arrange for shipping in 5-7 days.